“Exquisite suspense…surprisingly stirring.”

Kirkus Reviews


Soleil Browne is an independent woman of the nineties, on the mend from an intensely erotic, painfully wounding affair. Suddenly she finds herself confronting her former lover and feeling his power overcoming her again. And added to her fear, a monstrous serial killer is stalking the women of Boston. But now, inexplicably, she is dreaming of a little girl who lived sixty years before. Soleil watches helplessly as this twelve-year-old orphan is forced into a life of abuse and threatened by even worse. Soleil knows she can save the child, if only she can find a way to reach her.

Two eras. Two people. Bound together in the blur of nightmare and reality – from which there seems no awakening and no escape.


Back in the 70s when I was a newspaper reporter, I covered a Dream Exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston where a woman slept in a glass booth and her REM sleep was monitored. Years later, when I was beginning a new book, the image of the volunteer sleeping in the both returned to me. I also remembered a story my mother had told us about teaching in a rural town during the depression and of how one of her students had been injured in a farm accident. The two characters came together in this novel.

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