“Anne LeClaire takes her reader to that quiet place within where it becomes possible to hear what one’s heart needs to say. Her story is made all the more powerful because she practices what she writes.”

Joan Anderson

Author, A Year by the Sea & A Second Journey


Beginning in 1992, I have not spoken on the first and third Mondays of each month. When I began this practice I viewed it as one-day experiment little realizing that it would lead to an on-going practice and certainly never envisioning tat it would result in a book. But as the years passed, I had a growing desire to share the immense peace and strength that I was drawing from the practice, as well as to convey to others how they can bring an ancient practice into a harried, modern world. The result is Listening Below the Noise: A Meditation on the Practice of Silence.


Part memoir, part philosophical inquiry – the book is a reflection on how silence can help us attend to the world around us, expand our awareness, and achieve inner peace. In eighteen chapters that include calming, beautiful and symbolic black and white photographs by my son, the photographer Christopher LeClaire, I described my personal experiences of silent Mondays. I explore the soul’s yearning for quiet, the ego’s resistance to it, the intrusion of society, the lessons silence holds, and it can effect. Finally I offer practical means of achieving peace and solace in a world in which these qualities are hard to come by.


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