“Anne LeClaire takes her reader to that quiet place within where it becomes possible to hear what one’s heart needs to say. Her story is made all the more powerful because she practices what she writes.”

Joan Anderson

Author, A Year by the Sea & A Second Journey


No matter how deeply you love someone, you can’t know all his secrets. Annapolis officials insist that the brutal death of midshipman Brian Tyler was suicide, but his mother, Kate Tyler isn’t convinced. Galvanized by anger and grief, she searches for the shattering truth, an investigation that leads her to the heart of the Naval Academy and the secrets that lie within its walls. Every Mother’s Son is a novel of a mother’s love as well as a look at the question of honor and what happens when person’s own code of honor conflicts with that of a larger society.


The idea for this book came to me as I was driving down a highway off to do research for another book. A thought ideally crossed my mind. What if the only good thing in your life was your son and one day you learned that he was dead and were told he had committed suicide. The idea was so haunting that I pulled off the highway, returned home, called my agent and told her I wanted to write a book about a woman who was trying to discover the truth of her son’s death. As writers, we write to learn what we fear and what we hope for. I was writing out of every mother’s primal fear that her child might die.

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