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The Lavender Hour

There are moments that lie at the end of the day, as the sky is turning lavender, when we must decide the path we will take tomorrow. The Lavender Hour explores the critical…   Read more

Entering Normal

Entering Normal is a story of courage and loss, betrayal and love. It is a novel about an unlikely friendship, unexpected hope, and the bad choices a good mother can…

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Leaving Eden

Leaving Eden is set in the small town of Eden, Virginia, where sixteen-year-old Tallie sweeps up cut hair at the Klip ‘N Kurl while plotting ways to get the attention of…

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The Law of Bound Hearts

The Law of Bound Hearts is a story of family that lingers in the mind even as it custom essay with confronts the mystery of family and…

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Every Mother’s Son

No matter how deeply you love someone, you can’t know all his secrets. Annapolis officials insist that the brutal death of midshipman Brian Tyler was suicide…

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Grace Point

When Zoe Barlow finds the four antique hatboxes in the huge attic of her Grace Point home, she is horrified to discover that inside, still carefully wrapped in crumbling newspaper, are…

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Land’s End

After the brutal murder of his wife, Peter Thorpe escapes to Land’s End to mend his shattered life. The remote island seems idyllic – a picturesque fishing village inhabited by…

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Soleil Browne is an independent woman of the nineties, on the mend from an intensely erotic, painfully wounding affair. Suddenly she finds herself confronting her former lover…

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Even so, by studying the pointers to sentence structures and processes contained in this chapter, you can make yourself aware of some of the pitfalls to look out for
If using the authors words, you must correctly cite the source, as well as put the authors words in quotations
It is unlikely that such a beginning will ever result in the broad background really needed to do the study well